• Fragments are shorter episodes that take place between seasons of the larger story. Please enjoy. Our first one is called "And your little dog too"

And Your Little Dog Too

Scarlette is looking for her something, something bad.

The Unexpected Catalyst

Professor Brassthorn is in for a rude awakening.

It's Show Time

A lonely clown tries to find meaning.

Ace in the Hole

One man shows us business is just that, business

When Corvo Comes Calling

It's not wise to betray your family.

Woodland Run

If you can't beat em, join em. Find out how.

Lets Take a Walk

Lies can be very very dangerous.

Femme Fatale

Two ladies, one winner.

What a Twist

Seamus is in for a bad time.

Getting Schooled

Dorothy should have just stayed away.

Knock Knock

Frosty wants out. The Strong man does not approve.

Blood in the Circus

Our first international special. Get to know a little more about Toto.