The Crew of our Steampunk Tale

Lumiere - Tin Man Automaton

Leader of the crew - business man and lunatic robot. Many believed him to simply have mechanical additions to his body, but the truth is, he is far more machine than man. Constantly undergoing upgrades, he desires to be strong enough to take down any opponent. Fuel by steam Tin Man keeps fresh tea with him in case he needs a pick me up.

Scarlette - Chaos Incarnate

A little ball of crazy but she has a secret, Scarlette first came into existence in a world of living nightmares. No one knows how old she really is or how powerful. All we can tell you is that she is chaotic, loves knives, and thinks war is just a game. Her favorite game is "hide the knife".

Ratchet - A Supreme Being

Ratchet is a being composed of Aetheric Energy contained in a suit. He has only one goal, protect the City of Emeralds, but to do that sometimes you have to get your hands dirty. He created Tin Man and his brothers to help protect his realm, sometimes he truly regrets his decision. In fact you could say he feels that way most of the time. 

Thatch - A Fear Mage

Calm, rational, capable. He just wants to go home. Thatch doesn't care about war agendas, he uses his powers to learn what scares you the most in order to defeat you without having to get too violent. This doesn't mean you should trust him with a gun though either. 

Miranda - Clockwork Doll

A living clockwork doll, Miranda obeys Tin Man's every word as if it was gospel. Her only selfish goal is to try and win the heart of Thatch. The face paint she carries with her allows her to control the mind of anyone who applies it to their skin.  

Loyce - The Law

Lawful, determined, and ready to travel with a better class of people. Loyce is a member of an off world military and law enforcement team. She hates the Tin Man and pretty much the rest of the crew. Ratchet tasked her with getting the train where it needs to go upon the promise of ending the war. 

Seamus - Fights like a lion

Utterly confused about his situation, his focus  is keeping Scarlette happy. Seamus is just a man, with the secondary memories of the now dead Lion stuck in his mind, The others may not know Seamus very well, but he remembers them like the back of his hand. 

Dot - Vortex of the Mind

Having been lobotomized by Scarlette, Dot serves to create gateways for the rest of the crew when they are unable to travel via train. She creates small vortexes with her mind to do so. Unfortunately this can result in bodily harm to whomever enters the vortex. 

Uncle Reverend Latimar Hoggwallahr III

Our host and narrator of Tales of a Broken Reality. Not actually a crew member, in fact he cant stand the crew, Latimar speaks as the voice of Father, a mysterious and unseen leader in Latimar's reality. It's his sworn duty to bring this story to the masses, but he is not sure why.

Necrofessor - Living Dead

Necrofessor is not a crew member exactly but a plague doctor inexplicably intertwined in this whole madness. He wants to discover the cure, but no one knows for sure if its a cure for life or for death. Either way he is one tough customer.

Oz - The Wizarding Ruler

A megalomaniacal creature powered by emeralds. He wants one thing. to be the supreme leader of all living things. He holds firm to the belief that this can only be accomplished through complete domination. To challenge him is to invite death. 

Sub - The Slave

Delusional and purely loyal to Oz. Sub will do anything his master wills. Deep inside he wishes to one day be as impressive as his master.