Tales of a Broken Reality

A Steampunk web series set in familiar territory.

Once a kind business man, Lumiere was transfigured in the mechanical maniac known as Tin Man. Losing sight of his humanity he fought to try and alter history to bring back his beloved sister. He considered all other lives to be meaningless.  As he brought chaos to the multiverse he gathered followers to aid in his cause. Having failed to change the past, he now fights along side his brothers to stop a demented evil that surpasses even Tin Man's most violent tendencies. 

So why Steampunk? Because we love it. There are many Steampunk Web Series available for you to watch and we wanted to tell a different kind of story. When it comes to Steampunks, you get a large variety of characters, creators, writers, and like minded folks to participate. 

Our crew consists of many Steampunk artists across the globe who bring their own unique twist to our show. Each group we work with adds to the overall story and project. 

To us Steampunk is more than just a look you wear to a con, it's living art, character creation, and enrichment through story telling.

What is Steampunk? That depends on who you ask. To us, it's science fiction set in a victorian or wild west era with futuristic elements. It's Mad Science, multiple dimensions, pirate ships that can float in the sky, clockwork minions, and treachery at every turn.